Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

Au Cabaret!

Just kidding. This is a blog, and (sadly) not a fun musical nightclub.

Specifically, it’s a blog about the many and various cultural artifacts I encounter on my Travels, and what I think about them. By no means are my “reviews” going to be remotely objective, nor would I ever claim to be some kind of definitive authority. I think of this space almost like a journal or an archive of the things I watch, play, and read, not for any particular reason other than that I’d like to have such an archive.

It’s also a creative outlet that I’ve wanted for quite a while, but haven’t felt able to find the time for. I’m a graduate student entering the third year of my PhD program, which means that I’ve been taking classes for the past 21 straight years of my life (looking all the way back to Kindergarten). Now, though, I’ve finally finished all of my coursework and am moving on to the final (self-directed and therefore, while no less challenging, at least more flexible in terms of time, in theory) stages of my formal education.

It’s a good thing, really, that this blog is for my own enjoyment, because an audience would likely be hopelessly bored by what are sure to be frequent digressions into the academic work that will be taking up my brain space. But in the interim, I’d like to spend what time I can focusing on those articles of pop culture that I love so much and that bring me so much enjoyment (and distraction). Even if we are still trapped in the middle of the 2020 Hellscape, in which the future production of things like movies and television is in serious question. All the more reason, I say, to talk about and obsess over my 50th re-watching of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Every now and then, I’ll throw in some musings on subjects not related to pieces of media and art. Like apple picking adventures or a holiday party or something. Assuming apple picking and holiday parties are ever going to be safe to indulge in again. We’ll see, I guess. If not, maybe those “other” musings will revolve around things like serif fonts, vegetarian soup recipes, and gin cocktails (some of my non-narrative passions).

Either way, I make no promises to stay on-theme with the forthcoming “content” of this blog.

I do promise that some “content” is actually forthcoming, though, at least.

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