About Me

I’m Amy (maybe that’s obvious)

I’m a graduate student in the midwestern United States, working on a PhD in English literature. My focus is on Victorian popular fiction and musical theater adaptation (sometimes in conjunction with each other), which pretty much guarantees that I’ll never get a job in academia. This blog is a side project to keep me sane in the ever-present shadow of capitalism.

Given the above, it likely goes without saying that I’m an enormous nerd. Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved stories, in whatever form I could get them, and that’s led me to an obsession with popular culture that, well, led me here.

I’m also a collector. I have a huge collection, naturally, of books, as well as DVDs and Blu-Rays and hard copies of games. It makes sense, if you ask me (which, given that you’re here, I guess you kinda did), to therefore keep a collection of my thoughts about such things, as well.

I live with my spouse and our cat, Koi, who is a huge, adorable brat.

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